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  1. slave driver
    Oct 27, 2003, 4:58 AM - Casting a fibreglass helmet! help! #1

    Hi there everyone,

    Im thinking of modelling and casting my own bucket in fibreglass. Does anyone have any advice of the number of parts to cast the helmet in? My ST bucket is in three parts (front, back and Dome) is this the best way or could I get away with two?!

    Thanks in advance for the help


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  3. secol FETT's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    Oct 27, 2003, 6:29 AM - Re: Casting a fibreglass helmet! help! #2

    most of the recast here are made in two parts front and back, or use a mold with front and back, im not an expert, but check with the search tool im sure u can find what you lookin

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