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    Oct 11, 2010, 5:04 AM - Building first W.O.F cardboard and discovered this #1

    Hi all new member been reading alot on here and decided to give the WOF templates ago using AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build as a guide. Both excellent and very helpful cant say enough. Following Antman's guide got to here.

    Sorry phone cam.

    Thought how it would be helpful to use something to get the shape into the cardboard and seen my son's skateboard/bike helmet. So misted cardboard and started to press it around it and the shape is very close to what the dome is:

    ooh yeah the cardboard dome doesn't fit on top to big So will have too re-cut.

    The Helmet is a Bell Faction Size M

    Dome is still only held together with tape no glue.

    So now thinking finish this one in cardboard, Start a new one as the helmet as size template for other parts thinking it would make a very sturdy Helmet. Anyone else want to give it ago and post a guide I wouldn't know where to start really foam pvc I guess.

    Any idea's guy's

    Ooh yeah don't buy them all up I want at least 2 more
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    Oct 11, 2010, 5:57 AM - Re: Building first W.O.F cardboard and discovered this #2

    Ive used all difrent types off helmets for my domes ive been lucky and found a few that were the right cercumfrence they can make great domes just remember to adjust the mesuerments to the size of the lid to get the right over all preportions, the one im working on now i made out off the dome from a hasbro boba helm (the only part worth saving imho) and handy pail plastic paint pots fer the rest. they allready have the curved shape so you dont need to heat and bend like pvc,
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    Oct 11, 2010, 3:54 PM - Re: Building first W.O.F cardboard and discovered this #3

    Only found this out yesterday put it up soon as i had something to share The shape and size of the helmet is almost perfect and with straps thinking it could make a very strong, comfortable helmet. Considering thats what it is
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    Oct 11, 2010, 4:17 PM - Re: Building first W.O.F cardboard and discovered this #4

    lots of people use real helmets for the dome, usually kids skateboard helmets like your kids.
    other have gone as far as to use DoT approved biker helmets as the base, I have even seen construction helmets being used.

    all depends on your wallet, skills, needs and wants.

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