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    Welcome to another Artist Highlights from the As You Wish Helmet Project! If you don't know what the project is, please click here to learn more! This helmet along with 49 others will be displayed a Star Wars: Celebration VI in Orlando, FL from Aug 23-26. Starting Monday, August 27 these helmets will be auctioned on eBay by the Make-A-Wish Foundation with 100% of the proceeds going to support Make-A-Wish.

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    Artist Overview

    Company/Artist: Kotobukiya

    Website: Kotobukiya USA - Manufacturer of science fiction, comic, movie and video games figures. Japan.
    Facebook: Update Your Browser | Facebook

    you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-concept-jpgKotobukiya: Beginning as a small, independent toy store in Japan in 1947, Kotobukiya has gained international fame, becoming a well-respected name in the world of STAR WARS collectibles for their ARTFX and ARTFX+ statues. Kotobukiya also produces a wide range of collectibles, from model kits and statues to chopsticks and ice trays, based on a Japanese Animation and manga, western comic book characters, movies, and video game characters.

    We are pleased to announce that 2012 commemorates Kotobukiya’s 60th anniversary. Kotobukiya began in 1947 as a single toy store specializing in dolls in Japan operated by Jusaburo Shimizu. In 1951 Mr. Shimizu re-created his sole proprietorship into a limited liability company, together with his two brothers.
    While continuing to focus on retail sales, Kotobukiya's first venture into original products as a model kit manufacturer began in 1983 with Armament, our first original model kit. This was followed in 1985 with King Godzilla, our very first licensed kit.

    Our first foray into the non-kit business began in May of 1989 with the release of soft vinyl statues and active styling figures, now known as our ARTFX statue line. Since then we have increased our lineup to include fully assembled and painted resin statues (Fine Art Statues), Bishoujo (pretty girl) Statues, ARTFX+ (1/10th scale statues), ARTFXJ statues based on classic Japanese characters, and One Coin Mini Figures. Non-statue/model kit expansions include Chopsticks and other kitchen goods such as silicone trays and kitchen timers; collectible cards, cushions and pillows, and Book Publishing.
    As a direct result of our continuing effort to offer only the highest quality products, a once local business based in the city of Tachikawa has now grown into a prominent manufacturer with fans not only in Japan but worldwide including the United States, Asia, and Europe, producing a range of Licensed properties that has expanded to include a popular titles from Japanese animation and Manga (including Evangelion, Yu Gi Oh!, Yu Yu Hakusho, and One Piece), DC and Marvel Comic book characters, Movie Licenses (such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Ghost Busters), and video game characters from hit series like Tekken and Mass Effect.

    We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation for your support, which has enabled Kotobukiya to become a respected leader in the collectible toy industry.
    As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we wish to renew our commitment to ensure we remain industry leaders in presenting amusement and inspiration to our valued customers. To accomplish this task we would like to request your continued patronage and support of Kotobukiya.

    The Musha-Boba helmet

    *者ボバ Direct translation reads “Musha-Boba”.

    *者 (“Musha”) is Japanese for “Warrior”. The concept is to combine Boba Fett and the iconic armor symbolic of Mandalorian warrior codes, with the traditional Japanese stylings of Bushido (Code of the Samurai).

    Infamous for relentlessly pursuing his targets, Boba Fett earned a reputation of nearly supernatural proportions.

    Our Boba Fett shows the demon warrior of legend. His enduring legacy will continue to inspire future generations. The legend will live on!

    Progress photos of Kotbukiya's helmet for the As You Wish Project:
    you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-build-02-jpg you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-build-03-jpg you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-build-04-jpg you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-build-01-jpg you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-build-05-jpg

    The finished Musha-Boba helmet:
    Click images for a closer view. This helmet will be available for sale via eBay starting Monday, August 27 with 100% of the proceeds going to support Make-A-Wish.
    you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-01-jpg you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-05-jpg

    you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-02-jpg you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-08-jpg

    you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-03-jpg you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-07-jpg

    you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-04-jpg you-wish-helmet-kotobukiya-06-jpg
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