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    Ok, so I'm not sure if this would be the place to post this, or even if I'm allowed to post this here(if it needs to be moved, someone please move it, or if it needs to be deleted then no biggie), but I need help on my final for my painting class, as this coming week is the last week of the semester...
    Now before anyone says this isn't related to Star Wars or Star Wars costumes, it is, and let me explain why.

    I pitched the idea to my instructor of my final painting being a sort of a classical portrait of a stormtrooper in a pose similar to the virgin mary with the halo that you would normally see around her head being the Imperial Crest instead. Its supposed to be a humorous piece, and I mean no disrespect by the image (I'm actually a Christian and I'm not trying to be blasphemous haha), but I find the stormtrooper to be a character that can be put in many different humorous situations.

    Anyways, as I have not yet gathered the funds to purchase some armor of my own, I made a quick sketch of the pose over a similar picture and had the idea to ask the lovely folks of the dented helmet to help me out with painting. How can they do that? Well, if any of you find yourself lounging around in your armor one day, perhaps you could take a photo in the pose that I sketched with a bright light behind you? haha. I would do it myself, but as I said I don't have any armor yet, and I want the painting to be as accurate as possible, while being as photorealistic with the light as my skills will allow.

    So, a very bizarre request, I know, but I thought I would give it a try nonetheless. I would love posting the completed painting up here when I'm done as well if anyone would want to see that. So, if I'm out of line here someone let me know and I'll delete the post in a heartbeat (or a moderator can), or if it needs to be moved thats totally fine. Sorry for the long post, and any help would be very much appreciated....the pic of the pose is below:
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