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    Dec 23, 2011, 2:03 PM - "Occupy Bespin" T-shirt run now taking payments #1

    Hey guys,

    I had an idea a few weeks ago for a shirt. I had a friend help me take it out of my brain and into an actual image. Anyhow, I am going to be making shirts with the image you see here on ASH GRAY T-shirts. it will be the above logo centered on the front only

    This is a non-501st project and anyone is welcome to purchase a shirt. Please feel free to copy and post this onto your local garrison forums in your public section.

    Prices are as follows:
    $13 for adult Small-XL
    For bigger sizes add $1.50
    Shipping will be USPS priority for $5 within the US ( For up to 3 shirts )
    If you are international and willing to pay the actual cost, send me a PM for a quote.

    The run is now open and I will be accepting payments until the run closes on JANUARY 6th. The order will then be placed and they will be ready to ship out approximately one week later.

    All you need to do to secure your order is send payment via paypal to this email:
    make sure to provide your size and quantity in the message box.


    ....Also, This isn't meant to get people going on a rant about the actual occupy movements going on. It's a parody and that's all. Personally I could care less about either side of the arguments... I just thought this was a funny idea.

    Greedo: 2 L *PAID*
    Mosi: 1XL *PAID*
    Furiousstyles: 1 XL *PAID*
    Darthbarber: 1 XL
    Taz4268: 1XL
    Jabbasdead: 1XXL
    fatlilryan: 1M *PAID*
    Carlosspicyweiner: 1 3XL
    Turbocam: 1 XL
    Clonenolc: 1XL
    nasigosong : 1M *PAID*
    OldTonyKenobi: 1 XXL
    TD-8821: 1L
    Ribann: 1L *PAID*
    Hoot: 2 3XL
    TD 7406: 2 XXL & 1Sm
    vader55th: 1XL
    The Kreator: 1L
    Yu-Kahn Fett: 1XL *PAID*
    Wanna B Fett: 1M
    MetalJedi: 1L
    AdamBaker: 1 L & 1XL
    TD 7406: 2 XXL & 1 Sm
    TK2647 1L to Germany

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    Dec 26, 2011, 5:52 PM - Re: "Occupy Bespin" T-shirt run now taking payments #2

    Post Christmas bump!
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    Jun 2011
    Dec 30, 2011, 3:19 PM - Re: "Occupy Bespin" T-shirt run now taking payments #3

    Another shameless bump...

    one week left on this run!

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