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501st 'Level 2 Certification' Clarification for Vests/Neckseals?Subscribe
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    Nov 16, 2013, 9:06 PM - Re: 501st 'Level 2 Certification' Clarification for Vests/Neckseals? #51

    I honestly think this is the most civilized and respectful conversation about a 501st topic I have ever seen on any board I am a member of. Well done TDH members, well done!

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    Nov 22, 2013, 4:30 PM - Re: 501st 'Level 2 Certification' Clarification for Vests/Neckseals? #52

    I just want to point out that, at least for Boba Fett, the GMLs don't normally approve at the Garrison level - I believe that BF needs to be evaluated at the Legion level for basic approval.

    At least, that's the way it as when I applied. It might be different for NY because you (Lou) are on the Algonquin Round Table when it comes to Fett... Or maybe my GML didn't feel comfortable making the call locally. I wonder...

    I have to echo some of the previous comments about civility... I think you have a much more adult conversation going on than you might find elsewhere. It's as refreshing as it is informative.

    And, in case anyone is wondering, it's MY FAULT that we are debating the vest/neck seal fabric... I had contact BatNinja about getting a replacment nexk seal since mine would not meet BHG level 3 standards. I think I caught him very off guard, which is what spurred this post thread.

    So, you're welcome.

    However, if I hadn't asked the question, somebody else would've eventually. No doubt.

    Thanks for all your expertise!

    - Andy
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    Nov 23, 2013, 1:32 PM - Re: 501st 'Level 2 Certification' Clarification for Vests/Neckseals? #53

    thanks guys, i always try to be respectful to everyone here. I know alot of folks dont understand how the 501st works when it comes to costumes so i tried to explain it the best i could. I also value the opinions and knowledge of people here i know are knowledgeable about Fett, like Kbrosseau, Gino, Rafalfett, Art, FP, and many others. It was actually refreshing to have a converstion about this and not get frustrated lol.

    Andy, as far as i know, Fett is a garrison level clearance, BUT alot of GMLs dont know the costume well, so they post em on the GML forum on the legion boards for help. Like ya said, for the ECG, i dont usually need help clearing a Fett, unless im just borderline on a part if i think it may or may not fly.