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    Hello fellow TDH members,

    My name is Berry, iam from The Netherlands and iam a proud member of the 501st Legion.
    I already have a Bikerscout costume which got Lancer approved in 2009 after loads of extra work on it.

    This year i started a ESB Boba Fett costume, which is going to take up loads of time, money and work.
    Iam a pretty tall guy (6.4 feet) so iam very excited to get this costume done and to see what it looks like.
    I wanted a Fett costume as soon as i joined the 501st in 2008, but never had the time and motivation to start it. Doing loads of research can be a major help.

    Iam starting this thread to let you guys see my WIP with pictures etc.
    I already have bought some parts but nothing special so far. But iam planning to buy some major stuff very soon to get this project going. I do have to wait for the spring/summer to get this project really going, painting in this cold and damp weather is no fun and i dont wanna ruin any of my stuff.

    Below is a list with my stuff which i have bought, also i will have pictures in very soon, without pictures this thread will be useless.
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    Parts list
    : Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett

    Helmet: Master Replicas (fixed pinch) helmet was bought from a fellow TDH member (vaders right hand) he did an amazing job on this helmet to make it more accurate

    ESB armor: Will be made by a friend of mine, he does great costum armor jobs. all homemade with the correct dents etc

    Wookie braids: Bought these from woodman, these things are great looking. if you dont have any get it from him. its definatly worth it!

    ESB ammo belt: 99centTaco, still have to receive it but iam glad i got in on the last run

    ESB side pouches: They were grey when the came in, but i dyed them with Dylon China Blue, the colour looks great. also planning to use it on my flightsuit

    Jetpack harnass: FettDad, still have to receive it but it looks great, i bought the black version

    ESB girth belt: Dsonik1, i was looking for a good girth untill sonik contacted me to do my girth if i was interessed. now iam in on his second run

    ESB cape: Woodman, still have to receive it, but iam sure it will look great. he does an amazing job on these small Fett parts, weathering is already applied
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    This is my list of ordered parts so far, updates will be on here from day to day. so expect new pictures and more WIP soon!

    Iam planning to buy my gauntlets and jetpack from Man of War Studios, they get great comments on the products and they look great.
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  3. Jan 27, 2010, 8:36 AM - Re: WIP: ESB Boba Fett (SubArtic) #2

    why thank you kind sir , your list looks impressive . looking forward to the buil
    oh and thats your helmet in my avatar

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