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    May 24, 2008, 5:31 PM - Weathered Numrich stock PICS #1

    Hey guys,
    i got my stock from Numrich afew days ago.(they ship really fast. took only 3 days to get mine) overall this is a really good stock. the only complaint i had is that the brass grip is poorly cast. the webley dimond was all checkered overbut it is a semi easy fix if you have any dremel skill. the only difference in the actual grip casting is that there are two recest areas on thetop & bottom of the checkered areas. they can proboble be easily made to be checkered if you really wanted it to be but it dosent bother me much. the stock was just like it was pictured and was far too dark IMO for bobas rifle so i hit it with EASY OFF for about 10 min washed that off dryed it than sanded what color was left in the stock to its natural wood finish. after that i hit it with good old Liquid Gold to stain it to my likeing. for the notch i simply carved it out and put some gunpowder in the notch & lit it up. nothing beats real weathering. put all that together & this is what i got.
    please post coments on what should be changed if anything as i would greatly apretiate it

    OH and please No Parking Either Side Of Street
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    May 24, 2008, 6:22 PM - Re: Weathered Numrich stock PICS #2

    Looks terrific! Great work, and I bet it feels good having a real Webley piece.

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