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    Nov 6, 2009, 4:24 PM - *Review with pics*Star Wars Supreme Edition Boba Fett Adult Costume #1

    I got a hold of one for half of what it sells for so i took the risk.

    Before any one reads to far into this I bought this to see what kind of alternative this might have been. Full knowing what rubeis does when it comes to what you see and what you get. I know this will not be movie accurate. But it will how ever be a fun project and I really feel it will look good once i put work into it. I know for the price I shouldn't have to put any work into it. but the money is spent all I can do now is make it work and enjoy my self.

    Let me just say this can be saved with a lot of TLC.

    As you can see there are a lot of problems with the costume.
    the jet pack is not as bad as it looks and can be fixed with little effort. needs some sanding and epoxy.

    I started to wet sand the HORRIBLE paint job off the helm. the helm is comfortable it fits well and is big enough for me. the visor is way to light. the helm is actually made of 4 parts ( including the visor). and it looks possible to take it apart. the range finder has 2 leds and does light up.

    the chest armor is pretty bad as well as the back plate. its going to be hard to make it look good. but i feel it can be done.

    the gauntlets look and feel smaller then they should be. but can also be saved

    the jump suit its believe it or not pretty nice. it fits me well. i'm about 5'11. its not tight and the pockets do open.

    the side pouches are attached to the vest. the vest is a far cry from being what it should be. it will need to be altered.

    the jet pack and back plate are screwed together. and are held on by clips. both are pretty light weight and are comfortable to wear.

    if any one wants a specific pic just let me know

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    Nov 6, 2009, 8:07 PM - Re: *Review with pics*Star Wars Supreme Edition Boba Fett Adult Costume #2

    You decide ya wanna part with the gloves and girth, lemme know.
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    Nov 7, 2009, 12:00 AM - Re: *Review with pics*Star Wars Supreme Edition Boba Fett Adult Costume #3

    How about a pic with the whole thing on? the tools don't look too bad!
    that plastic seems kinda thin, how thick would you say it is? and cheesy
    one-piece rubber belts? the seems like a good base. thanks for
    the review, i'm sure it will be much appreciated by more than just me
  5. Nov 18, 2012, 12:58 PM - Re: *Review with pics*Star Wars Supreme Edition Boba Fett Adult Costume #4

    I hope it's ok that I use your pictures. I'm going to start a new thread on doing modifications to this costume. I purchased one myself recently and am less than satisfied with the quality and realize this will be a big project to make a legit costume.

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