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    Oct 3, 2012, 8:51 PM - Massive thanks and First time build - Scratch built Costume and jet pack #1

    Hi guys, First off a massive thank you to everyone on here - without this site there is no way my costume would be coming out how it has so far. WOF you are a legend for your templates, and there is just so much good advice in these threads i thought id add my 2 pence worth in in the hope that it might help someone.

    First off, iv made some mistakes, and this isn't perfect. but for a first try i'm suitably happy so far. Things you will probably notice is the shape in the center of my jet pack is wrong, that was due to a mistake when i was building the frame and to save from scrapping the whole thing i adapted it using a contact lens box i had lying around. second is the base isn't at the right angle, this again is down to the same mistake.

    A few bits i thought might interest people -
    20121004_013528-jpg20121004_013518-jpgRemovable Rocket on Jet pack; I used an oasis bottle lid and top as it fitted inside the cones perfectly to able me to remove the rocket from the top of my pack - works great and providing you secure the cap well you wont have any problems.

    Attaching the Jetpack
    This costume is to be worn behind a bar at Halloween, so i wanted to be able to shed some bits if it gets busy, and i came up with a simple way of making your jetpack removable and with no visible signs of attachment - Hard drive rare earth magnets. Fit a few at the top of your back plate and a few more at the bottom, with corresponding magnets on your jet pack they should be strong enough to keep it attached until you want to remove it - a quick pull from a friend and your free.

    20121004_013556-jpgthe balls for the boosters; iv used kids toy vending balls from my local pub - max of 2 quid and are the right size and don't look bad (see one of the pics below) and the use of a oasis lid and bottle top that fits perfectly into the rocket to allow it to be removed (again see below).

    20120922_095556-jpgMy Boots; i will confess iv copped out on, i wasn't spending 90 quid on a pair and didn't have the time to latex a pair so i got some grey snow boots from eBay for 6 quid and intend to use them. there not perfect but i am hoping in future to adapt them so they look closer to the real thing, or play with a pair of converse to make my own.

    20121004_023209-jpgMy Ammo Belt; i am proud of this - all 8 pouches have cost me 2.79 for the leatherette, some card and a bit of glue. they all work and are pretty sturdy, and iv just threaded them onto a leather belt i had just lying round the house.

    Gauntlets are mid build at the moment but i made the mistake of using foam board for them - if anyone out there is thinking of this for a first time like me - use card as you don't have to fanny about cutting sections out so it can fold.

    The Armour; iv used 1.5mm thick Upvc that i got from a friend - its sturdy and lightweight enough to work, but can be cut with scissors and heated in hot water o bend - or a hairdryer. I intend to use press studs to clip it onto the jumpsuit/flak vest and ill upload some pictures of that once i get closer to finishing.

    Hope this helps anyone thinking of jumping onto this for the first time like me -

    Cheers, Chris.
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    Oct 5, 2012, 12:59 AM - Re: Massive thanks and First time build - Scratch built Costume and jet pack #2

    hey nice work mate its nice to see so much passion for builds like this. can't wait to see pics of the armor!
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    Oct 10, 2012, 5:05 PM - Re: Massive thanks and First time build - Scratch built Costume and jet pack #3

    just a quick post with a pic of my moulded armor so far -

    found this is really a lot easier than i thought whe heating this plastic in the oven - 120 degrees max and a couple of minutes, but try to have a solid object to press it onto thats roughly the shape you want (you can see where mine has bent in response to my body shape, though im going to make that into battle damage so im non to bothered.)


    Iv got the backpack primered now and should be being sprayed tomorrow along with these bits (possibly not the helmet yet) so shall post some pics when i get a bit further on.

    The helmet iv used ronseal all purpose fine filler and its actually quite good from what iv seen. just given it a second layer tonight and im hoping that should be the end of it once its sanded smooth - I could have left it after one but wanted to make it look that bit better, so iv had a second go.
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    Oct 10, 2012, 8:05 PM - Massive thanks and First time build - Scratch built Costume and jet pack #4

    Did you sew your own vest and flightsuit?
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    Oct 12, 2012, 9:35 PM - Re: Massive thanks and First time build - Scratch built Costume and jet pack #5

    not this time, i'm using just a normal jumpsuit for Halloween as my budget/time hasn't stretched that far and so its easy enough to work in behind the bar (as i mentioned i'm expecting to be busy), and the vest i'm using a white long sleeved top that i'm modifying to be velcro'd up at the back that will be covered by the back plate. once i'm a bit more flush i might improve on it and splash out, but so far i'm on a budget of about 60 that iv spent all in, including the blaster, paint, glues and buying the boots and the wookiee scalps from eBay

    just got my blaster back from a friend i roped in to paint it for me as i wouldn't have had the time - It was just the normal green and grey kids toy but after he had it for a few days it looks fantastic, ill upload a picture tomorrow. If anyone in the UK is interested after seeing it i can pass on his details.
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    Oct 18, 2012, 6:24 PM - Re: Massive thanks and First time build - Scratch built Costume and jet pack #6

    Hi all - sorry for the delay, im mid house renovation/move and its not left me an awful lot of time to get other things done.

    couple of updates; firstly iv had to remake all my chest and shoulder Armour due to a small mishap with a hotplate that someone switched on whilst i wasnt looking (all 5 pieces ended up in a nice burnt pile) and as such iv had to cut down some of the finer details im having to add in, such as the kneepads being exact and possibly the paintjob being as weathered as i wanted (we'll see how this goes as iv got a week till this needs to be done)

    secondly; the gun, a picture is here now and i hope you all approve.20121011_121936-jpg

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