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    Nov 14, 2009, 7:21 PM - LKG - for fitting "FP's" Right-hand gauntlet hoses #1

    I've being looking for the correct-sized hoses to fit the right-arm ROTJ "FP" gauntlet. I've being searching all over the local (and big-name) hardware stores with no success, since I could actually find the right diameter size (1/2"), but not the correct INSIDE DIAMETER, which are smaller than the one I'm looking for (5/16"). The ones I find locally, are the actual OUTSIDE diameter, but the inside is narrower than the one I need.

    If anyone who could find it in your local area, and could purchase at least a 5' or 6' lengh of it and I could either PayPal or Money Order you for it, it will be really appreciated.

    Any further info, please PM me about it. Thanks in advance.

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