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    Jun 30, 2008, 8:39 PM - First attempt: Sintra ROTJ armor #1

    In my ESB Mystery Helmet thread, I said I'd get around to posting photos of my armor. Today I finished my retooled collar and kidney armor. They both were just a tad to short, and I learned the valuable lesson that you can always take away but rarely add to the ends.

    So, here it is in all its n00bie glory:

    Not all the paints I wanted were available, but I found what looked right. Cut out from WOF's most excellent templates (Thanks WOF!) and painted with a base of Rustoleum Aluminum. Masked off the dents and correct spots with masking fluid and hit the whole thing (except shoulders) with Rustoleum Painters Choice Marigold -- it just looked right. Then masked again and hit with the ubiquitous Rusto Spruce Green.

    Close up of chest. I actually reshaped the curves by heating with a heatgun and shaping it against my FPv3. As a testiment to WOF's attention to detail, the size and shape if you print the regular templates at 100% is very close to Fettpride's incredibly accurate pieces. That says something...


    The second layer for the shoulders I think is a new color by Rustoleum, Summer Squash. Just enough contrast with the Marigold. All armor was weathered afterwards with mists of flat black, washes of black and grey acrylic and water, and for some pieces I hit the charcoal. I didn't fully weather them yet, and I may not bother since I'm anxious to move onto the FP set. But it's a start.

    More photos:

    Shoulder studs I made from furniture stoppers. Hollowed out a small bit in the bottom and used JB Weld to sink in #6 screws. Perfect length once you go through two pieces, add a washer, and a cap bolt.

    Gotta say I'm proud of the codpiece. This was the second attempt. No evidence remains of the first....

    Lots of bondo, elbow grease and patience. I think for Sintra it's pretty decent -- even the lieutenants bars look decent.

    Posted these with ulterior motives as I may actually sell them now that I've started working on some FPv3. But it was a good learning experience if nothing else!

    As always, thanks to all who post their pointers. We novices appreciate it! I've also done more work on the bucket and may post an update tomorrow.

    Until then....


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    Jun 30, 2008, 9:06 PM - Re: First attempt: Sintra ROTJ armor #2

    VERY NICE!!! You did an awesome job on the yellows!! You might want to weather the leaf decal a little it kinda pops out at ya! but very nice indeed!!

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