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    Mar 8, 2007, 10:53 AM - Episode II/Young Boba shoulder patch line art #1

    From another thread:

    Quote Jango's kid said:
    Heya folks. One of my fellow garrison members is putting together a young Boba Fett from EpII for his daughter. He is hoping to get some help finding the patch that is displayed on the shoulder. I've never seen these offered here before, but was hoping maybe someone might have some leads on where one could be obtained. Thanx guys!!!
    Attached is a PDF of the patch that I drew last night. If anyone wants to make embroidered patches from this, you might want to adjust the size. It's probably close, but I didn't measure it.

    Here's a preview of what this PDF looks like.

    EDIT: does anybody have a screen capture where this patch is visible? Please post it if you do.

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