Perspex Blocks for Self Contained Lights

Discussion in 'Boba Fett Helmet' started by Jesuit24, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Jesuit24

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    How do they look? I recently bought a self contained light kit from jc27 knowing that I had an incompatible perspex block with designs to either cut it down or build a new one from scratch. But I can't find any examples of what the block should look like. Just dremelling out the space for the CR2032 battery would leave me with an unsightly gouge when lit up. Does anyone have any pictures of a perspex block designed for self contained lights? I want to make it as neat as possible.
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  3. Jesuit24

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    That self contained unit is a little different from mine. That one hugs inside the alcove whereas the fettinator one is spread out along the top. There's not much leeway between the top of the battery and the edge of the RF casing.
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    maybe ask DVH , I think his range finder cap and Perspex is designed to fit the unit
  5. Drax

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    Animefan's is designed for that unit as well.

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