I'm back....I think

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    I'm back....I think

    Just trying this out, had to be away for a long time to try and get myself well again.

    Been having mental health issues (depression and a couple of mental breakdowns) all caused by my soon to be ex wife.

    I don't know what happened , just said she wanted rid of me just over two years ago. Never told me why,or what I had done wrong. The effect on my has been complete meltdown.

    Think I'm on the mend now,I don't get so many black days. Don't even want to kill myself anymore.

    I want to try and get back into building stuff to try and help myself , any activity helps. But they days the depression kicks in its hard to even get out of bed.

    Sorry if anyone has missed me,but I needed time to myself.

    Not looking for sympathy or prayers, this is just the way things are.

    I lost all I hold dear in life and have to re build from nothing.

    Most of all these days I miss my kids,my biggest wish is that one day they will come and live with me.

    FMF (Geoff)

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    Re: I'm back....I think

    Well welcome back hope getting back into the Fett helps man.

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    Re: I'm back....I think

    Welcome back Brother, yeah diving into my build always has a way of picking me up when things aren’t going so well. What version are you planning to build? Are you planning on building and painting yourself?

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    Re: I'm back....I think

    Welcome back dude......

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