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Autorgraphed props?

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    Re: Autorgraphed props?

    slave1pilot said: View Post
    Want me to sign that Hengstler?
    feel free... i'm just going to paint it black anyway

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    Re: Autorgraphed props?

    nice heh heh heh

    I'm with you Brian. No way I want some signature scrawled all over the hard work I've put into a paint job. All my autographs are the same as your's... on 8x10s. The one exception is Don Bies' autograph on the inside of the R2 dome.

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    Re: Autorgraphed props?

    Signatures are great!

    But alot of collectors want some sort of "proof" that it was signed by the real person, like a picture of them signing it, and it can be identified as the piece being signed.

    If your doing it for your own collection, no matter! But if you intend on selling it in the future, you may want to have the documentation on hand..

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