1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

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    1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    Just posted an intro in the new member area. Thought I'd post up these pics of my helmet build so far. I'm pretty proud of this build so far, but definitely open and appreciate insight as to how to make it better! I'm looking to do a budget build for fun as a hobby, not looking for an exact replica for 501 approval or anyting like that. What I hope to do is build a bucket and a costume to go with it that will impress for Halloween or kids B-day parties and such. My main concerns so far is that this bucket build is a little lopsided. also the ear pieces all came out like **** so If anyone has any budget ideas or links to easier Pep files for the ears.... I'm all ears...hehe. Also I've seen some folks give the outside of the bucket a coating or two of resin to firm it up, but i don't know what that product is or where to get it?

    Cheers! And thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    Also wanted to add another concern I have is the size of the bucket in relation to me. Here is my first ever selfie...
    I did't purchase the pepakura viewer full version software and was just hoping the size came out ok... but pretty worried this thing is too big for me?fettselfie-jpg

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    You have a great start. The ears are a pain to do just have to take your time. Below are the files that I used in my builds. These files were easy to work with & construct.

    I have used Smooth Cast 320 epoxy resin. It is a 2 part 1:1 mix. It is easy to work with. Also I suggest you use something to give the helmet structure. I used .060" thick architectural cardboard (chip board), which is not corrugated. Creating a laminate. Then coating everything with the Smooth Cast. In working with pep the card stock give you a good shell but there isn't any structure & just coating with resin may cause sagging & deformation. I glue the .060" cardboard to the inside of the card stock. I generally make templates to cut out to & trim to fit. It makes a strong structure & when coating with the Smooth Cast it fills in all the voids & cracks & makes it all one piece. I have also used fiberglass matting & fiberglass mesh (used for drywall) with the Smooth Cast. The benefit of the Smooth Cast is that it is almost odorless & sets up fast the Smooth Cast 320 sets up in 10 minutes so small batches but if you want longer time you can go with the Smooth Cast 321 which is 30 minute set time. If you take your time you can have great results. I know others have done things differently, but this process has worked well for me.

    I did my helmet, jetpack, gauntlets, back & collar armor, knees, & the EE-3 blaster in pep.

    Here is the link to my WIP threads:

    In post # 3 are some pep files that I made & modified.



    Here are some links to the pep files that I used:

    Helmet: http://www.thedented...946/#post354817

    Gauntlets: http://www.thedented...882/#post357455

    Jetpack: http://www.thedented...905/#post375781

    Hope this helps some & if you have any questions please let me know.

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    Toolguy301, Thanks so much for the review, kind words and info! If you can tell me where I can buy the cold cast and the chip board I'd appreciate it! Craft stores? Hardware stores? Auto stores maybe? the fact that the cold case is oderless, or close to, is great to hear. Maybe I could brave the cold in the garage for the application and let it dry in the bathroom with the fan on.. hehe Sorry.. such a newbie,,, but enjoying every minute of DIY scratch building.

    Hit a 2nd hand store today on my lunch hour and picked-up a cheap Nintendo light gun from 1985 which I think I'll build a sidearm with!

    Pep files look fantastic! Can you tell me the dimensions of the helmet? It looks like a great on for me to build, but just want to make sure I don't build another bucket that's too big for my mellon. My hat size is always been S-M (small to medium).


    Thanks again!

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    Glad I could help.

    Smooth Cast can be purchase here:

    Reynolds Advanced Materials | Everything for Mold Making & Casting

    The architectural cardboard or chip board can be purchase here:

    Save On Discount Utrecht Chipboard, Brown, 29 x 46 in & More Chipboard at Utrecht

    I have been using the .062" thick, but you can go thinner or thicker.

    When gluing the the card stock or the card board I recommend using a good wood glue. It bonds really good & is easy to clean up. I have used super glue for a few things but not too much.

    The helmet is 9.500" at the ears, 9.375" deep from front to back, & 9.700" tall.

    I don't think that the helmet you have made is too big for your head or frame. If you look at reference photos the helmet is pretty big in relation to the neck. You don't want it too big but when you start adding the armor it starts to look proportional. If anything if you get the helmet to sit a little higher on your head it will look better. The helmet is supposed to have some flare.

    Something you can do with the ears is to make the outside but leave the back open (part that mounts to the helmet). Give them a coat of the smooth cast resin. Let them set up & then fill them up from the backside using the outer shell as your mold. Let it set up & you have resin ears. Don't peel the card stock off leave it maybe even give it another coat. Then sand & finish them off. They end up very durable.

    Tell me about it being cold, that put a screeching halt on my paint progress, it did get up to 45 degrees today. A heat wave. I need to get my Boba Fett done so I can go trooping with my wife (Boushh).

    Good luck & any other questions let me know.

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    One thing that initially put me off ESB Boba was that the sidearm was an added expense, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that zapper. I have one from back in the day, although I don't think I could ever bear to cut it up.

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    Thanks again for the insight and the links! OK, maybe the bucket isn't too big... I don't know can't see much of my neck if any of my neck with it on. I'll measure it against the measurements of your bucket creation tonight and see. The 320 cold cast plastic resin 1/1 mixture looks like an excellent alternative to Bondo which I've seen many people try to use...some with success some without. The cost is a little high though for a budget build arrg. If i did use my first pep build helmet I'm not sure if it's strong enough to support the cold cast 320 as I didn't use any of the chip board with that build. I did however reinforce all the upper bucket helmet build with hot glue after using wood glue to put it together. (on the inside). Do you think the small size of the the 320 cold case would be enough for a bucket build? At least it warmed up yesterday and today a bit. But I think the deep freeze is coming AGAIN this winter yet! ;P

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    The sample size of the Smooth Cast that they sell is more than plenty. I did my wife's Boushh helmet using that & still had some left over. As long as you make small batches.

    They helmet you have shown looks a little tall if anything but the width looks like it may be okay. Here is a link with measurements of the helmet and build as well that is a great reference.


    Just some more info.

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    So measured the size of my first pep build and it's pretty close to those measurements. The height is exactly the same. I think I'll work with the chip board to reinforce the shape of the helmet a bit to my fancy and ordered some 320 cold cast as well. Thanks again! B

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    So I ended up printing out another helmet pep file at 90% and that was a mistake after i build about half of it i found out it was going to be way too small. Then I printed out the Skips Pep helmet file on normal paper, cut and taped it up and i think it will fit me just right! Some I'm cutting out all the pep files now for the skips pepakura build. If anyone has suggestions on how to best assemble this helmet I'm all ears! Started with the top of the helmet and worked down wit my paper build, doesn't seem like the easiest way. Thanks all!

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    photo-3-jpgphoto-4-jpgphoto-2-jpgHere is my progess on the Skips Bucket build. Any advice on how to reinforce this build to be strong is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    I suggest making a band around the top using chip board. This will hold the circular dimension. It would only need to be a band about 1/2" & try to make it one piece so that it fits tight. Then make 2 pieces from the chip board & shape them to fit the back panels & glue them in. I went double thickness on the back panels & even made a 1/2" piece at the base to add thickness to the bottom. Makes the helmet look 3/16" thick. Do the same thing with the mandibles, upper, & lower cheeks. Cutting out pieces of chip board & shaping them to fit inside & glue them in. Where the seems are to add structure take small pieces of card stock to glue over the seems. But leave some areas open so when you resin it there is a way for the resin to soak in between the chip board pieces. I compare this to putting up drywall, its like taping the seems.

    with going with the .060" band of chip board around the top where the dome will fit you won't have to do the small little offset piece you naturally have that. Then you will be able to slip the tabs for the dome down into the helmet & glue them. For the dome you can structure it with the chip board cutting out a template & fitting the pieces up into the helmet & gluing them in. Don't worry about gaps the resin will fill that in.

    The back section where the key slots are use either Rafal's or WOF's templates. Measure & scale them to fit.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    Thanks Chris! Sent you a follow-up PM, working on all you mentioned... great advice!~

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    Your welcome glad I can help.

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    Well still working on the helmet big time! Got much of it reinforced, but got along way to go including the lid. Question for that if your around Chris or anybody.... how do I get the dent in the helmet in Skips pep build? Is there any easy way. My thought it to build it up then cut the dent out later, but if there is an easier way I'm all ears. Speaking of ears...what's a budget set of ears cost since I haven't put those together yet. Do have one pic for today. Been chipping away at my armour while glue dries, hehe. Followed WOF's templates. Got all my sintra for free scraps at a local sign shop. The piece I got for my back I paid $5 for at another sign shop as needed a bigger piece for that, than was I was finding for freebies. hehe

    Having a great time with this costume build! the only thing I wish I had more of was time! Busy Life!


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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    What I did was used the dent from Rafal's templates. Rafal's templates give you a layout of the position & the size to cut out & the piece to put into the hole. It turns out looking great. Just take & trace the shape to be cut out into the helmet & cut it out. Then take the piece that is to be the dent & bent it up & place it into the hole. It will be somewhat conical. Put some glue around the edges & let it dry. Then you can build up the surface with resin from the inside.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    Now why didn't I think of that!

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    Having trouble finding a scalable key slot template, anyone got the a linky?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    Use the link in my last post. There is a template there as well.

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    After much work my Helmet is ready for the hardening process. Much thanks to ToolGuy301 for his tips and support! I'm really glad I tried Skips template in Pepakura as I feel this helmet is much better than the first one I did in Pep. Here is a pic. I'm going to open a new posting in the Boba Costume area for this build now as I'm also working on armor and a gun/s.

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    Re: 1st Time Fett ESB Pepakura Build for Budget Fett

    I have a video up in prop building to demonstrate how fast Smooth On 320 hardens.

    Syllander recommended a longer pot life formula of 321. I'd recommend this as well. 320 hardens way too fast for something as big as a helmet. But, I'd swear by Smooth On. Great product.
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