Hello Helmeteers
INTRO;Thanks to a tutorial I saw by Azheat01, I have come up with a little side project, but I need a little guidance:

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

BRIEF;I found this nifty little audio record and playback device on ebay. I have made the locket from the movie 'The Illusionist' for my gf, and i am going to attach this to a depresion switch attached to the lid so we she opens it the theme music will play. (all very melodramatic I know )

PROBLEM;The problem is it says only a 20 second duration of audio can be recorded. Would it be possible, and if so, how would you rewire a few of these devices together to get more than 20 seconds? Anyone that has used this device before, or has any electrical experience with this I would appreciate absolutely any advice you can offer

Thanks guys!