Quick question.

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    Quick question.

    I have done some looking around and I am not seeing much on the types of materials used for the armor plates/helmet. Have I just not done enough reading? Am I even looking in the right part of the forum?

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    Re: Quick question.

    Hi, mate! If you try to search for "armor material", you should find some answers, BUT you´ll have to do a lot of research and reading. Good luck and have fun building your costume.

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    Re: Quick question.


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    Re: Quick question.

    Short version is: everything from vacu-formed ABS plastic, to cut and heat-formed sintra (foamed PVC sheet) that individuals do for their own costumes, to slush- or roto-cast resin, to hand-laid fiberglass, to rondo (mix of fiberglass resin and bondo) reinforced cardstock or thin cardboard, to worked metal (everything from stainless steel to aluminum to mild steel to even titanium).

    Much depends on whether you're looking for advice/inspiration for your own scratch-build, looking to outsource one or another component that you don't have the time or space or resources to make yourself, or just buying outright to save hassle and headache.


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