Question ?

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    Question ?

    Hee. Im Luke and im new here.

    I have a few questions about the boba fett blaster.
    If u would build a blaster, and u had these 4 fake weapons, which combination would u make.

    And I have another question .....
    What are the meisurments of the boba fett blaster.


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    Re: Question ?

    tk409 has measurements up here:

    i'd use the upper right pistol... the handle has a pretty good shape too it. i'd custom build the stock, since neither is particularly well suited to the job.

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    Re: Question ?


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    Re: Question ?

    Are those hand guns real??

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    Re: Question ?

    No. lol. The above pistol is a actualy a toy cap gun ( is that how u call it in English, u know these pistols with these red things) and the silver one is a lighter. When u pull the trigger u get a flame.

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    Re: Question ?

    I have another question

    So I took the above gun but how to mount the barrel (1,5 inch PVC to the gun itself. Does somebody know a tutorial that shows how to make a boba fett blaster ?

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