Online Store Question

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    Online Store Question

    I was wondering if anyone on here has gotten anything from this site before?


    I was doing some google searches and found it and noticed they offer some unpainted kits for chest, gauntlet, and such armor pieces.

    Was just wondering if anyone has seen their work or if its not that great...

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    Re: Online Store Question

    Never mind just found some posts about it on search (Please dont kill the forum noob)

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    Re: Online Store Question

    Welcome aboard amigo. That search button just saved you some big $$$ and a lot of headaches.

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    Re: Online Store Question

    Thanks Jodo I think its gunna be nice having a bunch of Vets shoulders to look over while I figure out how all this stuff works!

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    Re: Online Store Question

    We were all fresh noobs at one time ourselves.

    p.s. Keep your hands in your pockets. They like to eat noob fingers when they aren't lookin'.

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    Re: Online Store Question

    Yea you just saved your self tons of time and headaches at the best, at the worst all of the above plus tons of money.

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    Re: Online Store Question

    I have to say it...

    Cookie Monster!!!

    Awww the pics are no longer available.

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