Newly painted armor?

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    Newly painted armor?

    Oh I do love the smell of freshly painted armor! I went for a somewhat more, realistic style, seeing my armor is made from metal.

    New helmet boyaah! And the shoulders arent painted apart from some yellow paint from 1 year ago. I'm thinking about maybe getting a new pair.

    and some gauntlets aswell?!

    These are acctualy a ROTJ pair I converted into ESB. And yes, the flamethrower is unpainted.
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    Re: Newly painted armor?

    oooh pretty.

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    Re: Newly painted armor?

    I really like those, you did a darn good job on the paint my friend. Are those gauntlets scratch built or did you get 'em in a kit? Can't wait to see the whole thing complete.

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    Re: Newly painted armor?

    looking good.

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    Re: Newly painted armor?

    paint looks great!!!!!!!!

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