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    neoakaj's WIP

    I will have to admit I have small feet
    I am trying to source out a pair of boots for my build, something no larger than a 8.5
    I saw that CAboots makes them in my sizes, but after reading some here, I take it they are not as great as they used to be.
    MOW didnt seem to make them that small that I have found. What would be my best solution?

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    Re: Smaller boots

    Tryvand find something you can work on and customise yourself?

    I have little lady feet, have gone with CA boots

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    Re: Smaller boots

    Yea if need be I can make my own from some shoes. I am just worried about CA boots being suede

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    Re: Smaller boots

    I think I am going with MOW. tried on some 9.5 size shoes today and they fit pretty good, ill just need some thick socks for them.

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    Re: neoakaj's WIP

    I have changed the title of this thread to reflect my WIP. This will be a slow process, but a fun one for sure!

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