Knee Armor Question

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    Knee Armor Question

    OK, die to wardrobe malfunction, I am back to using my old SFP knees, they are pretty good however the strap is attactched on both ends so to wear them you much slide them over your feet and up your calf, which can be pretty irritating those times I forget and put my boots on before my knees. I was wondering how do people here have their knee armor attached? and how do they attatch strap to the knee armor. Pics would be great.

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    Re: Knee Armor Question

    check this thread, post #15

    shows how the elastic is attached to the knee armor...i would also do a snap in the middle at the top of the knee armor to attach to the flightsuit as well...hope this helps!

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    Re: Knee Armor Question

    I would agree with Fettdad about using snaps on the knees, but put the elastic is at the tops of the knees not in the middle

    and instead of using another snap on the jumpsuit, I use velcro. Sew a patch of fuzzy velcro to the jumpsuit and apply Self-adhesive Industrial strength Velcro to the inside of your knees.

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    Re: Knee Armor Question

    velcro is great sticky velcro not so much as its sticky wears off with sweat

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