Found Part Idea

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    Found Part Idea

    Okay folks I need pictures/Terence in two categories:

    1. Found Parts - Dental Equip
    2. Not found, but suspected to be a 'Found Part'

    I was at a friends house yesterday, using some of his tools when I had an idea. His job is dental equip repair, and he's been doing it for 25 years or so. In that time, he's kept ALL of his customers old/broken equipment and any parts they were getting rid of. The result, a 2.5 car garage stuffed to the doors.

    Well, I owe him a few favors so I told him that the missus and I would come over and clean/organize his garage in a few weeks, in return, I can go through all the boxes/parts bins/machines and keep anything that will help us here on the board.

    I've been away from the board for awhile, so I'm not super up to date on what is found, what's little being researched, and what is KNOWN to be scratch-built.

    All help on this thread is appreciated. Hopefully we'll find something that will contribute to the TDH community.

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    Re: Found Part Idea

    Thanks KaanE.

    I'm mostly concerned with what is SUSPECTED to be a found part, but hasn't been identified yet.

    Lol, sorry if my first post was a little rambling. It's hard to keep a train-of-though going when typing on a phone.

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