Flak vest material?

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    Flak vest material?

    Hello everyone.
    I am still a rather recent member and I am working on an ESB Fett. This my first set of armour and I wondered if anyone could tell me what sort of fabric is usually used on the flak vest?

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    Re: Flak vest material?

    We refer the the material as "tackle twill" it is a medium weight non-stretch fabric with a silky feel. It will have a shiny and less shiny side. One popular vest maker uses a fabric called Peau de Soie which is very close. Any heavy weight and durable costume satin will work though.

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    Re: Flak vest material?

    Thank you very much. Should the fabric be doubled or anything or will one layer be enough?

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    Re: Flak vest material?

    It should have a layer of quilt batting or filler between the inside liner and outside tackle twill layer.

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    Re: Flak vest material?

    Makes sense. Thanks a lot! I will post pictures when I start a rough version (hopefully this weekend). Feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Flak vest material?

    Here's how I did mine, though it's not much of a tutorial.


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    Re: Flak vest material?

    Awesome! Thank you, that helps a lot!

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    Re: Flak vest material?


    I just wanna know if this material is O.K. for a Flak vest.

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