BobaFiend's Flak Vest Upgrade

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    BobaFiend's Flak Vest Upgrade

    Hey guys, I wanted to share the first few step of my progress with this project. I'm upgrading my current flak vest to one custom tailored to me.

    I started out by drafting a body block following this tutorial online:
    I found it very helpful and easy to understand. Then, the pattern was shortened to the size of the vest and re-drawn after an initial mock-up to resize the neck and arm-holes appropriately.

    This is the mock-up of that second draft. I'm happy with most of it. I feel the armhole was overcorrected and is now a bit too big in front, so I'll add a bit to that area to the final. I also plan on adding a total of two inches of garment ease to the side seams to allow for movement. This mock-up is very well fitted but did not account for range of motion. I've also decided to keep the dart in the back, as they help bring the midsection of the vest in and will be hidden by the backplate.

    Plenty of room to mount armor.

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    Re: BobaFiend's Flak Vest Upgrade

    This project has been sitting around for a bit but it's almost complete.

    This pocket is behind the right chest plate on the inside of the vest. It will allow me to store the power source for my chest display.

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    Re: BobaFiend's Flak Vest Upgrade

    The vest is finally complete! All that remains is to cut holes for the jetpack harness straps and US diver's belt. Construction went pretty well overall, despite the fabric wanting to fray pretty badly. The only major issue I ran into was attaching the sleeves, which totaled to 8 layers of batting and four layers of fabric at the edges. That bit was tough for my sewing machine to handle. As a result those seams turned out a bit messy but I'm pretty pleased with it overall.

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    Re: BobaFiend's Flak Vest Upgrade

    Nice looking fest, I like how it fits since its tailored to you. I have a nice vest from LS4U, but I would like it to fit a little more like yours. Nice job, what other soft parts are going to be making?

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    Re: BobaFiend's Flak Vest Upgrade

    Thanks Jc, I appreciate it. Right now on my Fett I've built all my soft parts except for the cape, which is made by woodman. I'm pretty happy with most of them. The neckseal will be my next upgrade as the current one is too large and won't work with the new vest setup. After that I'll probably remake my gloves with my shiny vest fabric for the pads.

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    Re: BobaFiend's Flak Vest Upgrade

    I think this is a good tack-on to this thread. My new neckseal is done, and I love it. I did my original with more concerns for screen-accuracy. Thus, it was sewn into the flightsuit and used a front closure. It was a bit too wide and didn't fit properly but these concerns have now been addressed.

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