Making some gauntlets


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Hey Kay Dee, I have done several Boba gauntlets and am happy to help you fit/trim, and line yours. Bring them Sunday and I'll be happy to help.


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My wife Kathy has skinny wrists too.... well so do I for that matter :lol:

Anyway we cut some thin strips of 1/2" foam the length of the gauntlet and glued 4 of them inside the gauntlet and it works great!

Kay Dee

Ah - good to know you used foam strips in Kathy's gauntlets. Thanks for confirming my suspicion on that!

Ron - I'll try to remember to bring the gauntlets to the parade Sunday. I appreciate all the expert advise I can get!


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I thought I had saved the pic of that gauntlet that had been sold... Dang it! Anyway... weren't the original gauntlets also lined or finished with red leather? They looked padded and lined to me if I'm remembering properly - at least the parts that could be seen like the cuff piece.


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