ESB armor size question


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Im currently getting ready to purchase armor and not sure if I need to buy AE2015 armor or FP Hero Sized armor. Im 5'8" and weigh 200lbs. Chest area is around 15" wide (give or take slightly). Bottom center of my neck to top of belly button is 18" and I also have a larger neck diameter of 18.5" It is rumored that the AE2015 armor is best for people under 5' 10" however I have a slightly broader build. I have also been looking at Bobamaker armor.

Any info is appreciated. Thanks
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Hi I’m Bobert!
Depending how broad you are and how your vest will fit you're correct that AE would be preferable but it really depends, you're right on that edge.


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Reach out to Daz at Bobamaker. He should be able to help you with sizing and he is good about responding. I am of similar size maybe not quite as broad and am considering going with Bobamaker myself. Lets us know what you decide.