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    Horsehair Wookie Braids Run 2 *Full* Progress & Updates

    Awsome!!!!! E-mail Replied to, now im gunna go do a little happy dance! :thumbsup: ~WhiteWulf~Ollie~
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    FPH Interest Thread/ UPDATE

    one very interested wulfie right here...if any room for me -Wulfie
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    New TDH Shirt from Blastech and TK409!

    ....i'll probably buy two.... 'cause that rocks the socks.
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    almost done

    its childish stuff like this that give people the impression that you suck, Clay 2pennies on that
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    Darktrooper Progress Thread 8MAR2011: Getting back to it

    absolutely awsome progress man! no laughing at the rock here :) you're doing a great job. gunna have a little giggle at the sander though, :o continue to keep us on the edge of our seats tubachris! -Wulfie
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    "Glassing" the inside of a DP95

    Woolworths in scotland must be alot better than ours down south :o -Wulfie
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    Gauntlet blueprints

    looking great MOJO, quick question, this foamex stuff, is that just like sintra? and... PM me where you're gettin' it from ive been looking for that stuff :) -Ollie
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    Wooohooo! i'll probably be up for an esb set in a month or two, real nice craftsmanship on these gloves GBH! -Wulfie
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    is this a one time only run? or will there be more runs in the near future? -Wulfie
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    does this look close? ( ESB paintjob )

    way over done, i had a slight *hiccup* then heh, its all good im thinking Tamiya Olive Drab might be a nice green to use as a base green then weather with misted black. its a really nice. TS-5 Olive Drab. -Wulfie
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    does this look close? ( ESB paintjob )

    well i whipped out the airbrush and had a play about, i messed up the right chestplate, but its only test peices so it matters not. apart from that, any improvement on the colours of the other peices? i misted them with an olive drab colour and black, a few smudges here and there but its all...
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    does this look close? ( ESB paintjob )

    oh yes i have an airbrush and a *deafening* compressor:lol: when payday rolls round i'll be paint shopping.... -Wulfie
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    does this look close? ( ESB paintjob )

    thanks for the info mate, less garden hose green:lol: and more drab.. ill post a pic once i repaint it and i think i'll use a more dull yellow this time -Wulfie
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    does this look close? ( ESB paintjob )

    hey all, ive been practicing my ESB painting on my old sintra chestplate peices, do you think the green is the right shade or close to ESB? i also think that i overdid the damage slightly, and some parts have a slight shine to them, due to a change in the weather when i sprayed the green. so...
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    Ordo Te'skotah's Armor

    nice job man