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    UFO sighting!!!

    I posted this on my 501st garrison forum, but thought it would be even better here. Not only is this video cool, wait till you hear what the guys say near the end! I know you guys will appreciate this.
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    Any ghost hunters around?

    Get ready for the new season of GHI that starts on July 8th! I'm good friends with Dustin and Joe and I've been told this is going to be a great season! Don't miss it!
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    Any ghost hunters around?

    LOL! I can't believe I missed this thread. Yeah, I haven't been on here in a while, since I had to sell my ESB Fett a few years ago. As indicated by Bob or Webchief as you all know him, I'm a TAPS investigator. I've been a full investigator with TAPS for almost 2 years now and I've seen some...
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    Army of Brothers

    Enjoy, my brothers.
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    501st Clone Helmet Build-up

    Wow, that helmet came out great!!!:eek:
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    Machinedfx Resolved

    Steve's sabers are amazing. I have one of his Darth Nihilus sabers and I plan to keep using him as my saber maker. I did have similar issues with him regarding him not returning e-mails and having to wait quite a bit of time to receive my saber. I do have to say, his sabers are worth the bit of...
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    Plo Koon help...

    Yeah, he's a Jedi scum and all but I'm making the costume. CP has always made my sabers, but he is MIA for some reason so I need someone else to help me. I'm looking for a Plo Koon, blue bladed, working saber. It needs to have a handle like this: My last saber made by CP looked like...
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    Boston Photoshoot 2008

    Man, I wish I could have been in on this shoot. I was in the last one in my Slytherin quidditch costume. It would have been cool to film my Bill the Butcher costume, but work got in the way. Oh well! LOL! Pic look great!
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    TDH Rebrand - In Progress!!!

    This looks great!
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    * Official* - "What are you working on right now" thread.

    It comes from Gangs of New York.
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    * Official* - "What are you working on right now" thread.

    Thanks guys! I have some of the other costume parts like the top hat and skull cap too. They look pretty sweet! Oh, and did I mention that I'm actually a real butcher?! :lol: That's what I do for a living.
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    * Official* - "What are you working on right now" thread.

    Well, my project isn't Star Wars related but I'm working on my Bill the Butcher costume. I don't want to post too much yet.;) Pic from movie Pic from the movie
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    Mirax and Braks Buddy Photoshoot - Boston

    It's actually a Nimbus 2001. Harry's broom was the Nimbus 2000. Here's a image that my friend JD altered. Looks pretty cool. :)
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    Mirax and Braks Buddy Photoshoot - Boston

    Thanks to Mirax and Braks for the photo shoot!:) It was a blast! I don't think I have ever been put through the ringer as much as I was during my shoot! My toes are killing me, but it was worth the laughs!:lol:lol::lol: Thanks for the "Fan Boy" pic of you and I! LOL!:lol: My life is now...
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    Aluminum ESB Flame Thrower Interest Thread

    Okay, if it's the whole assembly the add me in for one. Thanks! Right now mine is plastic and just too breakable in a crowd.:rolleyes