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    Bending Fiberglass

    Arise thread, arise! How were your results? I'm having a similar issue.
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    All Soft Parts Templates and Tutorials

    Great links, thanks!
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    BobaMaker Helmet Wavy Brow?

    There is a wave in that pic and all the pics of the ESB helmet. That's the ESB helmet on the ROTJ suit as seen in the SE version of ANH. The ESB suit was stolen except for the helmet. Bobamakers helmet with the wave would replicate the ESB helmet. the mistery helmet makes for a great ROTJ...
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    What is Studio Creations

    I bought scout trooper armor from SC about 8 years ago. They've been around for a while.
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    TK0000 has returned

    Too long ago! I'm glad this place is still around after all these years. The boys dad takes guitar lessons next door to me. I'll have to see if ever finished his costume.
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    TK0000 has returned

    Hello everyone, I've been gone for loooooooooooooong time due to personal reasons. I've been a member of this board and As you wish. I've really missed this place. I'm glad to see all the archived threads. Braks was my hero back in the day! I spent a lot of time here. My SE fett is about 90%...
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    **TDH Exclusive** Real Boba Fett helmet casting

    Sweet dude! You got the hook up!!
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    Lynn\'s MSH2 progress pics (update 2/8)

    Nice Lynn! I like the way you've installed the visor. Did you get the "tabs" from a picture frame or buy them sperate somewhere? Again, coming along very nice!
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    My home made Ammo Belt / Interest ? SHIPPING Update

    I noticed on the list I'm not marked as paid, but I payed several weeks ago?
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    I'ld like to get one of those range finders!!!
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    Re: ROTJ LEDs [ A Few Extras ] 29/10 Yea I found some of those and they are $35.00 each.
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    ESB helmet earpiece decals only 3 sets left 10/21

    OK, I have only 3 sets left.
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    Fett Shoulder/Cod Studs ....11-02-04

    Recieved mine as well. Thanks.
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    Test helmet done, Mystery Helmet next...

    Lookin good
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    Gauntlet hose connectors

    shrink tubing?