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    Vest Jango Fett Flak Vest

    I've been pondering that. I'm thinking some really watered down acrylic paint strategically sponged on could work. Looking really closely, it looks like this vest at least was actually blue, and then sponged / painted grey. I'd like to try to get that sort of look.
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    Gauntlets Jango Fett Gauntlets

    I'm pretty sure you can get a printer now for less than a gauntlet kit!
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    Gauntlets Jango Fett Gauntlets

    It would take a lot more effort to finish, but can't beat the price of mine:
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    Vest Jango Fett Flak Vest

    I got one of each. The loanstar is very thick and very heavy, with a full liner. The boba maker is much lighter weight and just leather. The loanstar one was dark blue, the boba maker was grey. I decided to go with the boba maker one because of the shoulders. The velcro makes an already thick...
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    Anyone Making any "The Mandalorian" parts?

    I can't wait to see your progress! I would very much like to NOT sew this myself :-p
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    Jango jetpack harness set up

    I've got a Seeker harness... from the pics, the Bobamaker one looks to be mostly straps with padding on the back. The Seeker one is a full leather vest. It's the only one I've ever worn, but it sits nice and comfy and has "garter straps" to support the belts.
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    Quick Westar holster tutorial for Jango Fett

    Along with the necropost... When I made my files for the Westars, I also included a 3d printable wet form mold, so that you wouldn't have to use your own blaster. It's a bit oversized to account for the leather shrinking as it dries. Worked well for me at least :)...
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    3d printed Mandalorian helmet

    Sean has a new "D23" updated file on Etsy :)
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    Is Cruzer still around? Who are the trusted vendors for Jango gear?

    I just got my armor and helmet from Cruzer a few months ago. Still amazing quality as always. I got both a Loanstar vest and a Bobamaker. I much prefer the Bobamaker. The color, feel of the leather and overall construction are closer to screen IMO. The Loanstar is also well made, but I don't...
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    3D Scan of GMH Boba Fett Helmet

    Getting sort of back on track... I bought a GMH helmet from Fettpride directly. I got one of his first rotocast resin ones from the initial run. I waited nearly 2 years for that helmet. Over that time I completely lost the spark to even make the pp2 costume. When I finally got it, the top of...
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    3D Scan of GMH Boba Fett Helmet

    ... How is it that I didn't think of that??? I was ecstatic to get my GMH2, only to find that it didn't fit on my head.
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    Have you considered exporting your CAD files to STL for 3d printing?
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    Zam Parts Resources

    JD has been out of the props game for a lot of years now. He used to be in my 501st garrison... moved away years ago and as far as I know stopped doing all this stuff.
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    3d printed Mandalorian helmet

    Folgerte FT-5... can print the whole thing in 1 piece easily.
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    Jango Fett in Germany ^^

    That's exactly what I was hoping! Getting gauntlets to fit right is always hard, so I hoped they'd scale up well!