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    Stealth, Looking AWESOME!!! Would you care to share your height and the scale you used in PEP? I am on the fence between War Machine and a Halo MC of some kind. -Tim-
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    Your best Non Star Wars Costumes

    Gears of War COG suit. Its not totally done yet but thought I would share. Still have some pieces of armor to make, boots to finish up and some major weathering to do to the "undersuit" BDUs. The Lancer will get a repaint soon. The factory one sucks rocks.
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    Pepakura Files (Someone HelpME)

    Yes indeed, Skip is your guy. I don't think he has a Stormtrooper file though.
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    Any Build Plans for a Vacuum Forming Station?

    Everything you need is here... AWESOME machine. I love mine. -Tim-
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    FP Aluminum (Copper tip) Gauntlet Rocket

    That tip is copper, 100% There were two made, one for Ripcode, and one for myself. Did I make it? No. Serenity did.
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    Boba and Jango Packs

    You are a MADMAN!! Now that was fast. Thanks a ton for doing this.
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    Boba and Jango Packs

    You are the man.
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    Beacon color

    Hmmmmm............did not know that.
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    New Templates: Republic Commando!

    Yeah!!!! :thumbsup: PM sent.
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    New Templates: Republic Commando!

    I have been looking foward to this one. Looks awesome Skip.
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    Boba and Jango Packs

    I can't wait to see the Boba pack. You do an awesome job at 3D modeling.
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    Boba and Jango Packs

    ................:eek: WHOA!!! You are a Madman!! I can't keep enough cardstalk in house these days!! You did a stellar job on that bad-boy.
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    Boushh Boushh Helmet WIP

    BINGO. Very well said. If it wern't for guys and gals like Skip, I would not have been able to do the things I have been working on. Pepakura is AWESOME to use as a base to make props from. Still looking forward to that RC stuff brother. -Tim-
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    Boushh Boushh Helmet WIP

    Whoa!!! You are GREAT with this stuff. The detail you are pulling off with your skills is insane man. Awesome job. -Tim-