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    Visor installation?

    Duddeeee my brain is all over the place right now. Try to correct someone and end up corrected i guess :lol: my apologies Dain117
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    Visor installation?

    The member you quoted posted that in 2007, and hasn't been on the forums since 2018..
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    The Marshal Cobb Vanth Costume Discussion

    The sideshow looks significantly wider and the cheeks are definitely deeper and sharper. The RF ear is thicker on the sideshow as well. Im not convinced this is the same helmet..
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    For Sale 7CS Din D'Jarin/Rising Phoenix/Mandalorian jetpack kits FIBERGLASS

    Absolutely gorgeous kits, very surprised nobody has jumped on this thread yet!
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    Jumpsuit/soft part sources for Din Djarin...

    Magnoli is a friend and does absolutely amazing work. As far as the accuracy of his mando soft parts I am no expert so I can't speak for those but everything I've ever gotten from him in the past has always been superb quality.
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    Death Watch Jetpack Slow WIP

    With the diameter of the tube being 5" and the angle of the bottom of the jetpack it was simpler to form this by carving foam rather than attempting to cut pvc by hand to the correct angle. Its also significantly lighter than a thick chunk of pvc
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    Death Watch Jetpack Slow WIP

    Made some progress over the last two days.. shaping the center tank was a pain but is almost done. Soon to coat with epoxy so I can fill with bondo and see what im working with.
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    Death Watch Jetpack Slow WIP

    I have totally fallen in love with the look of the Death Watch suit from the Mandolorian so I figured with every maker out there already doing fett packs, it wouldn't hurt to take a stab at doing this one since I havn't seen it done yet. I started on this a few weeks ago and have been making...
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    ROTJ Borden Connector

    I would just drill through the helmet and glue a washer to the back of the QDC borden and glue it from the inside
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    FPH2 on Etsy?

    You ever order one by chance? Wondering if the casting itself was any good or not.
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    Toe Spikes

    They came out great!!
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    Painting White WF Boots

    I finally got around to painting my WF Boots to ESB color scheme... comparison between the blank (white) boot and the painted one.
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    For Sale Boba Fett Gloves - Run 3 NOW OPEN - 1 reg size pair left

    Got mine in the mail today. Absolutely amazing. Thanks mike!
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    For Sale Boba Fett Gloves - Run 3 NOW OPEN - 1 reg size pair left

    Put me down for a pair of ESB size Large please. Thanks!
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    Need to buy a girth belt Look through other threads and stickies at the top of this section on how to dye it correctly. Goodluck :)