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    My humble ESB Fett build (so far)

    Thanks, Iron! There is a LOT of sanding and filling to do on the jetpack. Like, so much. :lol: I'm not going for 501st approval now. Halloween, parties, small conventions, etc.. I may think about it in the future, though. I am planning to be as accurate as possible, but I know i won't be able...
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    My humble ESB Fett build (so far)

    So, as I stated in my intro thread, I am (very) slowly working on my first build: the classic ESB Boba Fett. Here's what I have so far (with some relatively decent photos) Bucket: Hasbro Black Series helmet (slowly modifying) ,, , Chest, collar, and back armor (Bobamaker), chest lighting kit...
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    Greetings from East Tennessee!

    Hello all. My name is Josh. Long time lurker, first post! I've only very recently been assembling my ESB Boba Fett costume. I did use TDH years back as a reference for a custom 12" Boba Fett figure that Hot Toys has made obsolete. I've been reluctant to introduce myself as I have very little...