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    New Soft Parts Build

    Looks really nice. Well done!
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    Hydra's Armorer Build

    Awesome. Looking forward to the results!
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    Boba's BMX

    That is so rad !
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    New to TDH? Read this about how much you will spend!

    To add to the mystique of building a Boba costume compared to a normal set of Imperial armor, talk to any TK/TS/TB or the like, and they’ll say “my armor is from ___ and my boots are from ___ “. Compared to...... There’s currently parts from 28 different costume vendors on my Boba. :lol: (Not...
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    Star Wars Celebration 2019

    My voice thing is just an AKER MR 1506 with an upgraded microphone.
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    Star Wars Celebration 2019

    hvacdon, you gave me one.
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    TDH needs you for Celebration 2019!

    The dude standing next to you felt quite tired himself, trust me. LOL
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    EFX Helmet Pics at Celebration 9

    It's VERY light weight. (injection molded plastic). The die cast ears felt the heaviest part of the helmet.
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    General Backplate issue

    It doesn't NEED to overlap a ton. Just the illusion that it does. Mine seems similar to what you said, and I had plastic bridges built into backplate to extend a little bit under the collar plate, and the collar stud posts are through the bridges, not the backplate itself. When the collar lays...
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    Power of costume

    Sorry the suit was behind glass in New York. I saw the Power of Costume exhibit last year in both Cincinnati and Detroit, and neither one was behind glass. But I know each museum set up the exhibit differently.
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    ROTJ Gauntlet Alco Switch Question

    I've always had switches on mine. I didn't want to just have open round holes sitting there, so putting something in there (like shown from RafalFett on some of the gauntlets seen on screen) is what I chose to do. Mega accurate or not, I at least have something there I can 'click' back and forth...
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    For Sale Bigdane Jetpack harness kit

    Delete, please Managed to grab one of these from another 501st friend.
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    General Boba Fett Pulce 40 Empire Strikes Back Pistol

    Looks great, Bobamaker! :)
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    For Sale MachineCraft Replicas - Boba Fett Metal Parts

    PP sent for the "new style" collar studs and the nickel plated gauntlet darts.
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    Boba Fett at Kenner

    So cool to see this after all these years.