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    Boba Fett post sarlac

    Also in these pics, he has all silver collar studs, but there's one spot when he's flying Slave 1 where the closest collar stud to the left side of his neck has a red top.
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    Boba Fett post sarlac

    Like some of you said, I was super pumped to see the knee darts fire. Though the TDH accuracy in me cringed that he had dart launchers on both sides of the knee, when we're used to seeing them only on the outside of each knee.
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    Chapter 9 Discussion aka Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. (Spoilers within)

    Din Djarin now has ESB spur sounds when he walks.
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    Chapter 9 Discussion aka Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. (Spoilers within)

    Vest stitching is wrong. LOL But I did like the metal plate covering the vibro-axe hole on the pack. Jawas must have repaired it?
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    New Soft Parts Build

    Looks really nice. Well done!
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    Hydra's Armorer Build

    Awesome. Looking forward to the results!
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    Boba's BMX

    That is so rad !
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    New to TDH? Read this about how much you will spend!

    To add to the mystique of building a Boba costume compared to a normal set of Imperial armor, talk to any TK/TS/TB or the like, and they’ll say “my armor is from ___ and my boots are from ___ “. Compared to...... There’s currently parts from 28 different costume vendors on my Boba. :lol: (Not...
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    Star Wars Celebration 2019

    My voice thing is just an AKER MR 1506 with an upgraded microphone.
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    Star Wars Celebration 2019

    hvacdon, you gave me one.
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    TDH needs you for Celebration 2019!

    The dude standing next to you felt quite tired himself, trust me. LOL
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    EFX Helmet Pics at Celebration 9

    It's VERY light weight. (injection molded plastic). The die cast ears felt the heaviest part of the helmet.
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    General Backplate issue

    It doesn't NEED to overlap a ton. Just the illusion that it does. Mine seems similar to what you said, and I had plastic bridges built into backplate to extend a little bit under the collar plate, and the collar stud posts are through the bridges, not the backplate itself. When the collar lays...
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    Power of costume

    Sorry the suit was behind glass in New York. I saw the Power of Costume exhibit last year in both Cincinnati and Detroit, and neither one was behind glass. But I know each museum set up the exhibit differently.
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    ROTJ Gauntlet Alco Switch Question

    I've always had switches on mine. I didn't want to just have open round holes sitting there, so putting something in there (like shown from RafalFett on some of the gauntlets seen on screen) is what I chose to do. Mega accurate or not, I at least have something there I can 'click' back and forth...