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    boba maker armor

    Daz is a solid vendor to go with. As others have mentioned his wait lists are long. But well worth the wait. Here is my bobamaker ROTJ chest armour, pictured to right. The vest is also a bobamaker. The one on the left is RS props with loanstar vest.
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    Suggestion: New Merchandise

    I’d be in for some patches or shirts if there was another run. Last batch were awesome.
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    Elstree Precision Co Ltd Hero Metal Ears Project

    Just finished catching up on this thread. These sets are gorgeous! Wish I had been able to get a set. The information and pictures of the process are fascinating.
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    Mina Fetts - ROTJ WIP Build Thread

    Thanks iron and lazerjock . I’m getting there slowly. :) I’ve airbrushed some bits already. The shoulders and knees are airbrushed. I mixed my paints by hand for those as well. I’ve been matching the paints to my Pantone swatch book where possible. The collar is the last bit I need to paint for...
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    Mina Fetts - ROTJ WIP Build Thread

    Been a while since I have updated thread. Had major health issues and parts delays hold me up. Have made a few small steps forward. I’ve mixed a paint match for my boba maker armour. Will give it a go once weather is a little warmer. Have received and painted the replacement paddle...
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    Jumpsuit/soft part sources for Din Djarin...

    Suit looks really good. I know in mando groups people have said their gloves are spectacular. Personally I’d jump on the offer.
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    For Sale 7CS Fully finished Jetpacks "summer run 2020" UPDATE THREAD

    I had 2 packs paid for. One complete commission and one unpainted kit. I think on the original thread you had me marked down as x2?
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    Hallo.. I’m New here.

    Hi there and welcome. RKD and Arkady are indeed 2 different people. :) RKD has sadly passed on but his kits are still available. The moulds went to Faraway creations/moncal. If you google either name you will find their website and Etsy store. Villianworks on this forum at one point was a...
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    For Sale Brand New Never Used Boba Maker SE Jetpack. Beacon and Harness included.

    I would buy this in a heartbeat if I was doing an SE build.
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    Lazerjock's ROTJ Hero Fett Build

    Congratulations. Well done. :D
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    W.I.P ESB Boba's armor

    Thanks for the information. Looking at the thinner you have listed this may be the issue. This thinner is for acrylics. Humbrol paint is an enamel and does need an enamel thinner. I do use the humbrol branded one but any enamel thinner should work. Hopefully swapping that out will do the trick.
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    W.I.P ESB Boba's armor

    Hi Sorry to hear things aren’t going so well. I personally use a combo of Vallejo, humbrol and tamiya paints with my brush. It could a pressure or thinner issue. What kind of airbrush and compressor are you using? Also what kind of thinner and what ratio?
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    Lazerjock's ROTJ Hero Fett Build

    Glad to hear you found one ok. The part has not arrived yet. Should hopefully come within next few weeks.
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    Lazerjock's ROTJ Hero Fett Build

    Hopefully everything goes ok with the changes. Let me know if you get stuck finding a half shelter. I have an extra one I no longer need.
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    Jet Pack Pre-orders opened up for Anovos jetpacks

    7CS (7cats studio) previously traded under DVH (Darth Voorhees). TDH vendor for jet packs among other things. :)