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    General My Zam

    Very nice costume! Great job! (Only here would no one comment about Ray Park, eh?)
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    General WIP

    Great start on those... Some look fantastic. Some of them could use some more detailing, otherwise they look really good.
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    General Zam Wesell

    Those are very nice... Don't know about the scale (Can't compare them to anything). I've been continually surprised at how talented so many TDH members are. Re: the fabric -it looks a bit dark and blueish - but it could be the light. When I saw the original costume in Los Angeles, I was very...
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    Boots Prada alternatives- think these work?

    When I got my boots --- way back when, they cost me something like $250 US. I bought them off of eBay. It about killed me to cut them up and start working on them. Sold them off when I parted out my costume last year. You just need to be patient with eBay when looking for the right boots...
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    Selling Zam Costume (Parts)

    Updated my List of Items Sold - Some items are "Spoken For" even though they are not listed as sold yet.... Other items are still available. I also have a life-sized Zam Cardboard Standee if anyone is interested in that.... It is a great reference piece.
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    Seattle Zam update for 2012

    I'm looking forward to seeing the updates to your Zam! I loved the one you had at CV! But I know real life and trooping can take a toll on the costume... so updates and upgrades are an inevitable part of the hobby!
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    Selling Zam Costume (Parts)

    Some items have been sold - Please see my listing of items for those things which have SOLD. Some items are still in the process....
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    Selling Zam Costume (Parts)

    Okay... got all the pictures up and posted to my Photobucket account.... Here's the link to the complete Album: The picture labels I hope are pretty self explanatory (with the listing I made above). Unfortunately, I couldn't get the pics in...
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    Selling Zam Costume (Parts)

    Argghh!!!! I can't believe I forgot to add the skirt!!! *slams head on table* I'll be adding it to the list as well. And yes... I have been receiving everyone's emails.. and keeping track of WHEN I received them... Not surprisingly the fabric is the most popular item. I am grateful for...
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    Selling Zam Costume (Parts)

    Well... I've finished my Zam inventory... and started taking pictures. I'll have to post the pictures to my Photobucket account and then link them here. I will also be putting some of items together into groups, rather than individually. If that doesn't work... I may reconsider. I wanted...
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    Selling Zam Costume (Parts)

    After long and careful consideration... I've finally decided that it is time for my Zam costume and me to finally part ways. I've been working on it (more or less) for more years than I care to admit... and I have simply lost the passion for it. I still love the character, but cannot see...
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    Vest Costume Upgrade: Vest works best with corset boning in it

    OOhhh! I would love to see pics of that! Both of what it looks like while trooping... and how you did it on the inside of the vest! That's an awesome idea - so simple! Kudos once again!
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    New Zam (Fabric ?)

    TheStretchHouse no longer makes the fabric??? Ohhhh!!! That's not good.... :( There has got to be someone out there that makes something similar.
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    Found Some Shoes "WOOT!"

    Looking forward to seeing another Zam! Keep up the great work!
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    Where to get Neoprene?

    I don't know if TheStretchHouse will ship overseas or not - but it can't hurt to ask. They have one color on their neoprene page (#4) which is REALLY close to the original Zam color Neoprene - even though it does NOT have the same sheen as the original fabric. I've seen costumes made with...