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    For Sale Jet Pack hooks and clips

    Paypal sent for buckle, rings, and 2 orders of clips and hooks M
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    For Sale Bigdane Jetpack harness kit

    Patpal sent for a kit. M
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    2 XL shirts for me
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    I had to pick up the packages.
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    When in I lived in Virgina Beach I had a half dozen or so items shipped to me via DHL. They didn't have drivers at that time because I had to go to the airport everytime and pick them up. I didnt really enjoy it and have never used them myself since. Our local UPS driver is a dropper, meaning...
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    Alum Beacon & Stabilizer

    I dropped you a priority mail letter on Wed with my payment.
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    Playstation 3 ??

    I bought a 80Gb model last fall/winter. It has a really hard time with most PS2 games (even the newer PS2 sports games). But that is why you keep the old PS2 just incase.
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    Has there been anymore news on these? 150 might seem high, but I would rather spend high then replace often
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    A Helmet For A Marine

    L to R Purple heart - ? - Good Conduct - National Defense - ? - Global War on Terrorism (assuming Expiditionary but it looks like the Service version). Those are what I can clearly see , but it looks there are 2 more
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    A Helmet For A Marine

    I'm a Marine and I think this is looking awesome. What I would do with the EGA is put it where the dent is/was and make the center the globe part . If you are doing a dress blue uniform theme the dent should be filled in and the helmet needs to be polished and shining like how we ar that...
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    Alum Beacon & Stabilizer

    I'm in for a set
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    MY NEW BES'ULIIK!!!! XD (Pic intensive)

    That's a nice Mustang and still they still remain as my favorite car model.
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    mold casting matl's

    I found this thread at the right time. I spent most of last year making masters for some Fett stuff for multiple suits for myself and a friend. I wanted my own gear this time around and using Allen's templates and my years here I built the helmet, jet pack, guantlets, and some armor parts. I...
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    Yuma Photoshoot

    Awesome pics Braks. But where's the "Look Sir...Droids" picture at?
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    Run interest for my Jet Pack Harness

    I'd love to get one, but it would be awhile before I could get around to it