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    BH-61407 Reporting for Duty!

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    My ROTJ Boba Fett thread

    Nice dude. You are making all kinds of progress!
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    Star Wars Celebration 8

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    ESB gauntlets questions

    Velcro works like a charm. My gauntlets are aluminum and dramatically heavier than plastic or fiberglass...Never had an issue with it.
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    Fett Gloves and where to get them?

    Use dress parade gloves, cheap on Amazon, eBay etc. You could also order Dents gloves from the UK.
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    General ROTJ SE

    To take this further, realize that you don't have the vest factored into this scenario (at lest I don't see it). It will change things. You will need to bend the bar of the harness to coincide with the bend of the jetpack. The hooks attached to the jetpack with push the back plate inward...
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    Twin FPH2 ESB paintups for Branjan & Nighhawk756

    Beautiful work once again.
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    Jodo Kast The Notorious Jodo Kast: Reapwind WIP

    Excellent. They look like a high quality product.
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    Jodo Kast The Notorious Jodo Kast: Reapwind WIP

    Great progress. Where did you get the metal ears?
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    Future Wren clan checking in from Memphis!

    Welcome aboard!
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    Very important announcement regarding Boba Fett!!

    You had obviously been drinking when you posted that!!!!