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    *OFFICIAL INTEREST THREAD* for Spideyfett/Evan4218 Machined Metal Ears

    Jeez, I really shouldnt be doing this. I dont have to eat for a while. Can you add me please.
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    Sorry I didnt see this earlier Russ. Dont worry, the baby and family are the most important. Congrats too!
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    Hasbro site -Mcquarrie snowtrooper
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    Flight Suit

    To give you another name, Bobamaker. I have one of his and I love it. He is also a member here.
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    Looking for aluminum cold cast source within the U.S.

    Dang, I think it looks nice the way it is. Yeah I know its not Jango accurate, but I like it. Great work C.
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    Marrow Sun's Custom Progress

    :eek: Incredible work J. Love the paint job and the subtle weathering:love:thumbsup:. Up for sale? Oh man, good luck!
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    ESB Clamp Rings Discussion

    Dude! Awesome shots! Thank your very much! Now off to hunt for one!
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    Sgt. Fang progress thread

    As always bud, awesome work! Your attention to detail is amazing!
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    Sgt. Fang progress thread

    Great job man! I still like mine better though ;):lol: For people who dont know, SJ painted mine too.
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    Marrow Sun's Custom Progress

    Cool man. Good luck and cant wait to see it.
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    Sgt. Fang progress thread

    Looking good man! Well of course the paint will dry fast. That's what happens when it's so freakin hot out. :lol: Cant wait for more bud!
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    My latest project

    Thats excellent C! Im loving my hinges you put in. Man, I may have to buy a set of these.
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    Sgt. Fang progress thread

    Off to a great start my man. Looking forward to more.
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    Gauntlet Missile

    Hey Scott, Check out this thread. He may still have it.