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    Shipping problem, nees help/advice

    Any chance you could go through eBay and get a refund if worst comes to worst?
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    Who makes the best Mandalorian Bucket?

    There's no way it's Alumaluster, I'm just considering buying this Mando helmet and then doing a custom repaint with Alumaluster. Considering my last fanmade fiber glass Mando helmet I purchased wasn't the greatest quality, I might sell it and go this route :)
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    Who makes the best Mandalorian Bucket?

    Now there's this option, Mando BS helmet, $119. I wonder if I do a custom repaint of it using Alumaluster, that might be a good affordable option
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    Boba Fett 11" 1/6 vinyl model kit

    Very nice and thank you! That's on my bucket list too, one day I'll get to that. Hope to see your progress on your Screamin' when you get started :)
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    Thoughts on Robert Pausa's Helmet?

    How did you polish, any special technique or tools? Just wondering, thanks!
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    Dressing a Bounty Hunter in 40 Stages - A Black and White Story

    Sorry that's what I meant, but why a different cast and paint job, why not just paint it to look like esb's?
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    Dressing a Bounty Hunter in 40 Stages - A Black and White Story

    Has there ever been any reason why they decided to completely repaint the helmet for ROTJ? Not even close to similar to ESB's like previous early iterations of Fett's helmet? Just curious who's call that was, and what was the reasoning behind it. I find it very interesting given how detailed the...
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    Fieldmashall's Mandalorian Pistol

    Absolutely gorgeous, makes me want one! Also, what kind of camera do you use Art? Your photos are always so breathtaking and professional looking, the quality is top notch. (y)(y)
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    RS Props Lineage Fett Helmet!

    ah iPhone cameras and lighting tricking us again
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    Don Post '95 Standard vinyl Fett helm resurrection

    Good luck! My helmet I repainted was a 96' DonPost, was sure challenging but I love it
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    17 years on TDH!

    Happy Anniversary to one of the best Fett painters I've ever seen! Congrats!
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    David Mandel Current Owner of the PP2?

    Looks like he also owns an original Kenner rocket firing original Boba Fett toy, those go for 185k plus, I wonder what other Fett helmets he has, very cool find!
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    For Sale Wasted Fett Fugly Helmets

    To the uninitiated, could someone tell me the differences (even if miniscule) between WF's Fugly vs MC/RS's G1's?
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    Why is the Mandalorian helmet so small?

    The mando helmet is also less wide than Boba's or Jango's which also contributes to it's smaller silhouette.
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    Boba Fett 11" 1/6 vinyl model kit

    Minor update as a I made a wooden base for it. I originally stained the wood, but varnished wood just didn't look right so I tried a different color. Mando skull on the base is something I just drew up on a thin plastic sheets, then painted it up and glued to it. Hopefully should be done now!