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    Helmet in progress

    I hope these pics helps nail down the look of your lid. I'm seeing a slight angle change as the visor tapers on either side that gives the original prop a neat look, I haven't seen any other makers really get that yet so hoping this might help. It seems most prominent on the side photos
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    Reference photos?

    Little blurry, but here are some from the trailers they teased
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    GMH Helmet + wavy brow?

    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the input and advice!
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    GMH Helmet + wavy brow?

    Is this possible? I'm looking to get a GMH helmet shortly, and I was just curious how difficult it would be - or even if it's possible to create the wavy brow that the bigger helmets have. If it is, what techniques one would take to achieve it? Just curious if anyone has tried this at all.. I...
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    1996 Don Post bucket ESB paintup - first time!

    Here's a few more with something other than my crappy cell. Does anyone think I should try and reshape the helmet with a heat gun?
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    1996 Don Post bucket ESB paintup - first time!

    Thanks man! I know for sure my next one will get a lot faster and easier. Thank you! Thanks! Sorry on the crappy blurry pics, I'll try and upload better ones later.
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    1996 Don Post bucket ESB paintup - first time!

    Thank you! Yeah, I'm glad I saved it all these years and never threw it away
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    1996 Don Post bucket ESB paintup - first time!

    Hello all, here is my completed ESB bucket paint up on my Don Post bucket, completing a lifelong dream of mine. This took me over 250+ hours, off and on over 6 months and I can honestly say this was the hardest project I've ever undertaken. I've learned a ton, and I know my next one will be much...
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    Boba Fett ESB Helmet Paint Up by Fettastic

    Using this thread as my go to thread for my paintjob, still one of the best paintjobs I've seen!
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    Boba Fett Helmet Consolidated Paint Up Threads

    Any update on the broken links after the switch? Most of them don't work anymore. Just wondering, thanks!
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    ESB(Now ROTJ!) Progress thread

    Thanks for the update!
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    ESB(Now ROTJ!) Progress thread

    Love your work Raizo, quick question...was your ammo belt included on your original list? Wasn't sure if it was. Thanks!
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    Bargain Flightsuit Run

    Hi Arkady, I was also wanting info on pricing for a ESB Boba flightsuit and flak jacket if you make those too. Thank you!
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    96 Don Post sizing question

    Did you replace the ears as well or just left stock? Thanks for the reply!
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    96 Don Post helmet Question

    Thanks Fett 4 Real, the 'visor' was my 12 year old attempt at making it look more authentic which just involved me getting window tint film and cutting it to the t-visor shape lol, so needlessness to say it's awful almost 20 years later. I'll keep everyone posted if I take the plunge to improve...