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    Jojofett95’s RS ESB Hero Helmet WIP - Painted/restoration by Blaidonprops

    Hi Guys, I’m starting this thread, to document this awesome project. My helmet is a RS props 2nd gen, white cast, which will be restored to a ESB Hero appearance.The helmet will be painted by the talented Blaidonprops (using ArchiveX enamel paint). The helmet will be completed using original...
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    Cape ESB Civil War Blanket Cape

    Absolutely agree, it’s really down to personal preference, especially as the cape hasn’t been truly identified yet. No one can indefinitely say it’s one material over the other.
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    MC Cast, w/Ears and All Vintage Floquils.

    Yes,yes and yes.
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    ESB build

    in the uk, RS sell some awesome boba boots with metal toe spikes.
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    Want to Buy Shin tools

    100% Machinecraft man
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    Blaster Jango Fett Jr’s ESB EE3 build

    can i ask where you got the leather strap rings from?.
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    Want to Buy Hunter 4x20 scope for ESB EE-3

    No I haven’t. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll pm him when possible. I’m not to pinky on the make, as long as it’s a 4x20 scope, from that period.
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    Want to Buy Hunter 4x20 scope for ESB EE-3

    Looking for a accurate 4x20 vintage scope, for my ESB blaster rifle. I’m based in the uk, would be ideal if sellers are based in the uk. International sellers are completely fine also. Thanks Jo
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    Want to Buy Am Ariel Earth plugs

    Looking to buy 3 or 4 vintage Am Ariel earth plugs, for my EE-3 blaster. I’m based in the uk, so ideally that would be super. I have plenty of time to gather these pieces, so no hurry atoll. Thanks for your time guys, Have a pleasant day. Jo
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    Cape ESB Civil War Blanket Cape

    Certainly interested, add me please:).
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    Star Wars Xtra YouTube Docu-Series Featuring Elstree Precision Co Ltd

    So awesome this is happening, thanks to Star Wars xtra & to Boba87fett for starting this all. Its also amazing, elstree is based near me, crazy times we live in.
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    For Sale Sidewinder EE-3 ESB Blaster/ Painted £450

    Reasonable offers accepted.