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    ASOK - Bill Warren Update - All Please read!

    Oh Bill! This is so upsetting. What a guy. I still remember meeting Bill at DragonCon for the first time, and being so happy to see him as I travelled from convention to convention. When my brother passed a few years ago, Bill shared this sentiment on TDH: Couldn't be any more relevant. Bill...
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    My ESB Armour Paintjob

    Looking good so far Doug! when you get that centre chest diamond don't forget, it's a slightly different shade of green (as far as I can tell) I already sent this info to Doug, but as far as I can tell not much new reference for the ESB knees has appeared since I noted their similarity to the...
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    My Fett in a TV commercial

    once again I forgot to post this anywhere, but I did another shoot with Space for their summer lineup this past year, and they bought back the Star Wars brat pack again for some more zaniness! I got my thirty seconds of fame with a whole spot entirely of just the Fett man ;) YouTube - Star...
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    Rogue Studios' ESB Color list & Painting Techniques

    I think if we're trying to be as accurate as possible this infinitely useful list should remain stickied! I bet there is not one person painted a helmet who hasn't consulted this list, even if they went with different paints (I notice the spraypaint colours are still at the top?). It's been...
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    A little tribute to Fett, Stormtroopers and Tuskegee Airmen

    the best i've seen yet, i can't stop looking at it! totally brings the star wars design full circle back to its WW2 roots.
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    I'll be siging up for some shifts soon Kristen, just sorting out my schedule for the weekend but I'll put in my dues at the TDH table for a few hours
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    So what denters will i be meeting at CV?

    I'll be coming with my Fett and ESB stormtrooper, my girlfriend just finished her Boushh so we'll be bounty hunting in Orlando with you fine folks :)
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    TDH Celebration 5 Group Photo on Sunday

    I'll be there!
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    My Fett in a TV commercial

    hey you guys, I have't had a lot to show off lately, I actually re-did a lot of my Fett before a convention at the end of August but I haven't gotten any photos the few times that I have suited up. Fortunately I was asked to be Fett in a couple commercials for SpaceTV for their upcoming...
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    Superjedi's Pre-Pro 1 "Eyes" helmet

    thank you for doing this helmet justice SJ!
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    Engagement Announcement!!!

    : ) congrats my friends!
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    cupluv's FPH ESB Build-up.

    Nice work Andy my man!
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    My Pre-Pro 1 Boba Fett Costume (The Eye-Costume)

    So good! There have been days that I have wanted to sand down my armour and helmet and make this version...but I can't! And people like you are cruel for tempting me to do so! Fantastic work, I especially like those gauntlets.
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    One of ours has fallen...

    Im so sorry I havent been online at TDH in ages, but I'm always checking the boards a few times a week to try and keep up. It's been as life's gotten busier that I haven't had time to work on Boba, along with being active on the boards here. That said, I hope in the time I've shared with so...