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    ESB Half Helmet for TDH Celebration display

    Great paint up as always. Awesome idea. Happy I got to see this in person at Celebration!
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    For Sale Bigdane Jetpack harness kit

    Got mine the other day. Great work man. Thanks again!
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    ROTJ Special Edition Promo

    The weathering is the fun part!
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    ESB FPH2 for Robert M.

    Great paint up as always!
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    3d printed Mandalorian helmet

    Been following your build on Instagram. Happy to see your the first post here. Great work as always man!
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    Triple ESB paintups(PBlizzard Commission)

    Great work bro!
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    Sutt4869 ROTJ build

    Great job bro!
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    For Sale Bigdane Jetpack harness kit

    Please add me to the next run!
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    My Rick Massa Shadowfax ROTJ Armor Build Thread

    Ugh the new CLR means I have to dye my right pouch beige lol Dying my flight suit wasn't the most fun but I guess its all a learning experience! Hopefully the material Arkady uses for her pouches are considered to be "off white" enough that I don't have to do any bleaching to the left...
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    Helmets in progress

    Great paint up Bobamaker! Also to wingman, always loved the set up of having a 1:1 helmet next to all of my 1:6 figures!
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    My new ROTJ FPH2!

    Wanna do karate in the garage?
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    DVH ROTJ WIP for FettFan500

    Came out great bro! Can’t wait for my armor!
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    My new ROTJ FPH2!

    The stepbrothers pose
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    My new ROTJ FPH2!

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    Boba Fett size

    Showdown with Juan Solo! Lol