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    Bargain Flightsuit Run

    Arkady is a super star. My ROTJ flight suit and Flak turned up today. It fits like a glove and looks incredible. Carole you are diamond... Thank you.
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    ROTJ Helmet Paint is it done yet?

    Useful info, I'll see if I can get some this weekend and repaint them. Should be simple enough. I've really enjoyed the process so far. As soon as that is done I'll put the photos on here. Is there anything else?
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    ROTJ Helmet Paint is it done yet?

    You could be right, I did tone it down a little with Humbrol Grey 79 so I am not sure if this could be the issue. The mandible red I couldn't find the Humbrol correct colour so I used the Humbrol suggested replacement which is 1:1 mix of 70.818 Vallejo (Red leather) and Vallejo Model Color 982...
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    ROTJ Helmet Paint is it done yet?

    Yes sir! Your wish is my command! I just took the lid outside and took these. It's a dull cloudy day in the UK (makes a change!) These should give you an idea on the colours. I have used RafalFett's stencils and the Humbrol colour chart that matches the ROTJ paint requirements. I've gone...
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    ROTJ Helmet Paint is it done yet?

    Guys, before I go any further with this lid - can you have a look and tell me what you think? Is it good enough yet? I'm aiming for 501st so if I need to do anything I would rather do it now than when I have installed the visor or other parts. I quickly grabbed these shots on my phone this...
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    ROTJ WIP From Ireland

    Isn't the ROTJ centre diamond silver in colour? I mean the center rectangle
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    Parts Progress

    The boots are imperial boots and the member above Zom0898 sent me the girth....