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    Skirt New Build

    That coloring looks fantastic! Any tips on the color mixtures you used?
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    Soft Parts Zam parts or kits needed

    We picked up parts from MonCal and crazas. A lot of it is scratch leatherwork though.
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    Helmet Brim Issues

    I had to stretch it a bit. It does need to drop down on the back side significantly - its not like a straight hat brim. I made one that fit tight and used a thick layer of epoxy underneath to attach it. I did the front side so the angle was right, let it dry, adjusted the sides and did...
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    Stoppin in to say hey :)

    We just picked up some parts for a Zam for my wife and - "WOW"! Top notch stuff, and we can't wait to get working on it.
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    Zam Helmet Kits?

    We have more coming with it. Just like saint_nasty says, I've never heard anything but good about the quality. I'll start a WIP eventually.
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    Zam Helmet Kits?

    Good to hear! Ours is in the mail ;)
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    Clone trooper Valves

    I'm not sure I follow..... What do you mean by "original scale"?
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    Zam Helmet Kits?

    I have one on the way from MonCal. Can let you know what its like when I get it, but from everything I've seen it looks sharp.
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    My wife's Zam (WIP)

    Love watching this thread. You guys are lifesavers. Im defenitely in for some parts. Might look at painting too - can't deny how good those look! Keep up the good work fellas.
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    INTEREST: Aluminum Jango Blasters

    I'll second that. Timing is just bad.
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    My wife's Zam (WIP)

    Looks fantastic! Nice work.
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    Zam Greeblie Sets, Available now. Updated 5/5/15

    I haven't either. If you find a "direction", fill us in! Seems like its hard to come by the full set.
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    A Jango and a Zam

    You have the same plan as me! I'd love to have these out for the release. The lack of action on this section will make this one a little tough. Like I said before, missing pictures and such. Good luck to you. I plan on putting up a WIP and getting this Zam section rocking again!
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    Its Jango time!

    - True on the soft parts. After reading all of the posts about flightsuit color it makes me a little nervous though. - I do have some skills with leather (grandfather was a cobbler/saddlemaker east of you in Miles City!) and am excited to do those. - I've also been toying around with...
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    Its Jango time!

    Yes you do! You look a little less white and grey in your pic here :) Your Boba pics are fantastic, by the way!