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    DRAGON CON 2006 Photoshoot: LAST NEW SET OF PICS

    Amazing as always, Art. So crisp and bright and professional. The lighting is amazing... and the angles, flawless. As for the costumes - wow. People never cease to amaze me with their ability to make such quality stuff... SOOO glad Art is capturing them in a way that does them justice and...
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    New Moderators And Code of Conduct Addition

    Awesome!! You guys will do great!! Hint to TDH staff from an admin on another board with Jodo - don't let him burn the place down. ;) *heheh* I keeed... I keeed... Guri
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    Sunday Photoshoot

    WOWSERS! Great photos - and Steph looks AMAZING! Lovin' the Sarina eye effect too. Got any more, Brak's? :D Guri
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    *Official* Post your web links

    I updated both of mine... lots of new stuff... Main site: Elven Armor Tutorial: And a big thanks to BRAK'S BUDDY for hosting my elf crap. :lol: Julia Guri Jedielfqueen
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    Jodo`s New grey ammo belt!!!

    Yup, like I said over at OJA... those things are awesome...
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    Jodo`s sidearm holster with shells!!!

    woo woo! Jodo Rocks! :) Looking good, my friend... looking good.
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    Tutorial for Rodann`s shoulder bolts?

    He better be ready by Dragon Con... That's all I'm saying... ;) Guri Jodo Kast Fan Club President
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    *Official* Your favorite costume pic...

    Jodo, that looks familiar... reminds me that you still owe me something too!!! :p What was that, a year ago you promised??? :lol: Here's my favorite SW costume pic: Well... I can't decide: Barbie Fett Qui-Gon and Obi-wan look alikes The rematch between Turo and Kev Or Big...
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    *Official* Pick Your Favorite Fett (once and for all)

    OUCH! Had to put in my vote for Jango just for that one, Brak's. :p
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    Gapoxio vs Sculpey Modeling Clay Battle

    I like sculpty, though it does have some disadvantageds in that you can't hit it with a sledge hammer. :lol:
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    Sweet! Congrats... you'll be great. :)
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    *Official* what does everyone do for a living?

    Okay, might as well let it out of the bag... Jodo is a............ Professional Wrestler :lol: j/k But don't ask me what he really does... cause I'm not saying. :p
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    *Official* what does everyone do for a living?

    I know of one more... I saw the proof of his badge at C2... not that I didn't believe him... *heheh* But it's not for me to reveal who it is... ;) Guri
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    Come One, Come All.....Gawk At My New Omnipotent Helmet!!!

    Who is Jodo? Just a simple man trying to make his way as Boba Fett in the Universe...
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    Come One, Come All.....Gawk At My New Omnipotent Helmet!!!

    Very cool to see another Jodo costume coming together... :) Guri