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    For Sale ROTJ gloves & spats

    gloves $60 (The button hole on the left glove is stretched out a little) Bobamaker spats $30
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    For Sale WF ROTJ Gauntlets

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    For Sale WF ROTJ Gauntlets

    WF gauntlets painted by Fett4Real DVH left fiberglass gauntlet top Real Mq1 calculator keypad MCR hollow rocket MCR flamethrower nozzles MCR metal Darts $680 shipped
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    For Sale Wasted Fett Fugly Helmets

    When it comes to approval paint job accuracy is more important than the helmet you choose.
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    RS Props Lineage Fett Helmet!

    Saw this on the RPF
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    For Sale Bobamaker ROTJ hip pouches

    $50 shipped
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    Jet Pack Pre-orders opened up for Anovos jetpacks

    covid or no covid the jetpacks weren’t coming this year
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    Elstree Precision Co Ltd Hero Metal Ears Project

    I’d display those as is. I would have a hard time painting those and putting them on a helmet. That’s beautiful!
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    Various ESB Casts discussion.

    General question. Is the original ROTJ helmet the same exact shape and dimensions minus the damage and wavy brow?
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    My MSH-1 painted by AFF$

    I personally found hard hat liner the best for making the helmet more wearable.
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    Various ESB Casts discussion.

    MCR says he’s selling a 2nd gen helmet, is that not what he’s selling?